Residents upset with Minto housing development in The Acreage

THE ACREAGE, Fla. - There’s no other place Jean Edwards wants to be right now.

Away from crowds -- imbedded in nature -- mowing her massive lot in The Acreage she says, "It's just my acre of heaven." 
But she says her slice of solace is now at risk because of a proposed housing development penciled in on 38-hundred acres of land just off Seminole Pratt Whitney Road.

"I find it quite disturbing and terrifying that the very way that we live is going to be compromised,” Edwards says.
Already approved for 3,000 homes -- the developer "Minto" now wants to divide the piece of land for 65-hundred homes.
It’s a proposal now being met with resistance -- petitions, signs, shirts and banners proclaiming "no to Minto."
"The very nature and fabricate of our community stands to be changed and changed forever," Edwards says.

Residents in The Acreage say they're not against development. But they say the traffic alone from such a large development could ruin their way of life

Minto released a statement which said, in part: "Minto's proven experience and financial strength are great assets in creating well-designed, sustainable master planned communities that drive responsible economic and residential growth.

It added, "Minto West will take more than two decades to build."
Edwards says she understands Minto is out to make money -- but for her -- The Acreage is her lifestyle.

"It's sort of a David and Goliath situation and we all know how that ended and I hope it ends the same way for us." She said.

Developers and the Palm Beach County Commissioners are set to meet April 11th.

A final decision will be made in late August.

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