Eastern diamondback rattlesnake bites young teen in leg

Transported to Miami for treatment

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After a half hour playing in his family's Stuart backyard Wednesday evening, a young teen found himself in big trouble. He did not realize it, but in the tall grass near his yard was a four-and-a-half foot eastern diamondback rattlesnake, one of the most venomous snakes in North America.

The snake struck him in the leg. He immediately felt the pain of that snakebite but was still able to make it back inside for help.

His mother drove the teen to Martin Memorial Hospital South. He was later transported to Palms West Medical Center in Loxahatchee.

As his condition failed to improve, doctors had him airlifted from Palm Beach County to Miami Children's Hospital, which is home to the area's most extensive supply of anti-venom treatments.

Since Wednesday night, the child has been receiving a special IV drip under tight supervision from doctors. Experts said the next day is very important, but he can make a full recovery. As for the snake, the youngster  was the last person to see it. 

Friday morning the teen was listed in fair condition at Miami Children's Hospital.

He had been listed in serious but stable condition on Thursday, after getting about 16 vials of antivenin.


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