Mosquitoes in western communities becoming a nuisance for many

THE ACREAGE, Fla. - Sarah Brown spends most of her time outdoors, caring for several horses at Equestrian's First Place in The Acreage.

But at night she tries to stay indoors. Sarah said, "The mosquitoes during the day are not so bad, it seems in the evening and night time it gets pretty swarming with mosquitoes."

Residents aren't the only ones looking out for the mosquitoes, so is the Mosquito Control Division.

Wednesday they brought in dozens of mosquito traps, which show more mosquitoes will be affecting residents in the western communities.

Gary Goode said, "A lot of the areas in the western region of the urban areas of Palm Beach County, Loxahatchee, Jupiter Farms, The Acreage have a lot of water in their yards, a lot of water surrounding those residential areas."

Goode says even though Mosquito Control did aerial spraying over the western communities last Friday, a new batch of mosquitoes are hatching.

The next scheduled spraying is Friday after sunset.


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