Isaac flooding in Palm Beach County: Flood waters recede, school to resume

THE ACREAGE, Fla. -- A week since Tropical Storm Isaac swept through South Florida and created mass flooding in many western communities, the standing water is starting to drop.

The change is signaling Palm Beach County school administrators to resume all school on Tuesday.

In areas like The Acreage on Monday, roads that were covered in water and hard to navigate now appeared dry with fresh tire tracks.

A line of dead grass in many yards showed the flood waters had dropped nearly a foot in some areas.

Many residents expressed relief in the change from what the water looked like a week ago, but were not without concern.

"My concern now is maybe contamination or something. You know the wells and as I said the smell, the fishy smell. There's a lot of puddles, so the mosquitoes are something that usually bothers me," said Milka Dominguez, an Acreage resident.

Dominguez, like most of her neighbors, has a well and was also worried about the quality of her water.

The other concern some residents have is with the dead fish that remain. A strong smell still hung in the air Monday.

Palm Beach County has hired a private company to remove dead fish from reported areas.  The county also said if residents are concerned, they can double bag the fish and bring them to designated Solid Waste Authority locations. Residentscan use single bags, but must be in a container that weighs no more than 50 pounds.

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