Heavy rain brings anxiety for former flood victims

LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. - Heavy rain poured on the Deer Run community Wednesday in the Loxahatchee area, which brought fear to some residents.

Laurelle Balog is president of the Deer Run Homeowner's Association and she said when there is a threat of heavy rain she gets flashbacks of her community being flooded last year.

Torrential rain from Tropical Storm Isaac brought the water waist high for most residents of the community and many homes looked like they were stranded on their own little island due to the flooding.

Balog said because of that some residents have anxiety each time there is a threat of a big storm.

In February, she said during a rain storm she received a call from a neighbor asking if she was going to turn on the pumps to make sure there wasn't flooding again.

Nearly 9 months later the community is still repairing roads and berms damaged from the heavy rains.

Some residents have even put a mulch-like fill in their yard to keep their home from flooding.

Balog said with rain season approaching they'll continue to be prepared for rains like they had last year, but hope those type of rains don't pour on their community.

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