Flu vaccines scares in the offices of some doctors

It's the flu season and Dr. Luis Pineiro, with Children's Physicians, says young patients are coming in with flu-like symptoms. "Every year the flu can vary a little bit, this particular year we started seeing the flu early."

Early enough to cause a shortage of the flu vaccine. Dr. Pineiro's office in Palm Beach Gardens is out of the flu mist as of today.

"The flu mist is usually used in younger people, usually used in kids between two years of age and young adults. For the most part, and schools will use it too because it's easy to administer."

According to the CDC, the flu has spread quickly in 41 states, causing a shortage nationwide. Though Dr. Pineiro says his office still has the vaccine. "Once we run out, we can always try to get more from the manufacturer. Sometimes it's available, sometimes it's not."

His advice for the next flu season-- get your vaccine early.

"I think most people should have had the flu vaccine or the ones who consider themselves high risk. Most kids especially young kids, or kids with asthma or diabetes or have a chronic condition should consider they are high risk and should have gotten it already. The others should consider it if they haven't had the flu."


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