Fish kill smelling up neighborhood

LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. - Residents in one Palm Beach County community are complaining about the smell of dead fish. 

Fanny Banks and her neighbors smell the dead fish in the canal along 170th and Valencia Boulevard. Dozens of dead fish of all sizes are in the canal and leaving behind a bad odor. Fanny said, "I had to put my hand over my nose because it was smelling so bad."

Banks and others in the Loxahatchee neighborhood want to know why the fish are dying.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says fish kills are normal when there's a lot of rain. In this case, Tropical Storm Isaac.

Barron Moody, the regional fisheries administrator said "Any kind of storm be named or otherwise could lead to this. Any kind of extended cloudy weather with rain can lead to these kinds of fish kills. These are common here in South Florida."

They're anticipating nature will clean up some of the fish kill. Moody said, "Nature will run its course, vultures will probably come in and remove some of the fish, they will decompose, the fish will certainly return to these canals."

The Indian Trails Improvement District said it will be removing the fish kill from the canals.

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