Emergency flow-way eases flooding concerns, relieves levee pressure in Loxahatchee

SFWMD claims flooding structure works

Tuesday's rainfall was a painful reminder for many residents in the western communities of Palm Beach County who were inundated with flood waters during and after Tropical Storm Isaac.

"You couldn't do anything. We couldn't get out of our driveway because everything was flooded," said Betty Argue, a Loxahatchee resident.
Each time it rains, residents like Argue wonder if they will once again be stranded by flooding.
"It was a tremendous amount of rain in a short period of time," said Randy Smith, spokesperson for the South Florida Water District Management.
The South Florida Water Management District feels relief is in sight and that crews have built a solution.
Smith said to help ease concerns, the South Florida Water Management District built an emergency flow-way in the J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area.
The 100-foot structure is functioning properly according to Smith who said the flow-way is relieving pressure from the Corbett area, preventing the levee from breaking despite record rainfall.
Smith said in 2011 from May to October, Palm Beach County saw about 35 inches of rain. In 2012 during that same time period, 44 inches of rain feel in the same area.
"It would be nice if it would stop raining long enough so I could mow my law," said Argue.
The flow-way system is a relief for residents like Argue who said so far flooding has not been an issue lately.
The South Florida Water Management District said the flow-way it installed is temporary. Crews will continue to maintain it as long as rain is in the forecast.
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