Driver who struck Melanie Ponce De Leon worked for Palm Beach County Public Schools

Reports shows driver was involved in bus accident

THE ACREAGE, Fla. - NewsChannel 5 has discovered that Dynasdy Williams, who struck nine-year-old Melanie Ponce De Leon while she was walking home from a bus stop on Tuesday, used to work as a bus driver for Palm Beach County Public Schools.  She was involved in a school bus crash in January.

Williams worked as a temporary bus driver from Thanksgiving of last year until January 21st. 

Police reports show she was driving a school bus when she rear-ended Nova Ballard of Royal Palm Beach who was stopped at a red light on January 15th, 2014.

Williams did not receive a ticket, but Palm Beach County Public Schools fired her six days later.

Ballard told NewsChannel 5, "She had swerved off the road and I had just come through there and there's really nothing you have to swerve off the road for so, I looked back at the light and wham, that's how fast she got to me."

Meanwhile, De Leon remains in critical condition at St. Mary's Medical Center. Her school PTO is organizing fundraisers to help raise money for her medical expenses

If you'd like to make a donation to the fund, click here .

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