Driver Dynasdy Williams said she was 'distracted' when her vehicle hit Melanie Ponce De Leon

Williams claims she thought she 'hit a sign'

THE ACREAGE, Fla. - The driver of the vehicle that struck a nine-year-old girl who was walking home from the bus stop in The Acreage on Tuesday exclusively told NewsChannel 5 she was "distracted."

The Florida Department of Children and Families spent two hours at the home of Dynasdy Williams on Thursday afternoon.

"I have two sons of my own, I couldn't imagine if that was me, I really couldn't imagine if that was me," said Williams.

Williams said she had just picked up her own kids from the bus stop near the corner of 140th Trail and Persimmon when she struck nine-year-old Melanie Ponce De Leon.

"My kids started telling me about their school and then I turned around for a split second and told them 'Hey wait until we get home, wait until we get home' and then at that exact moment, that's when it happened," said Williams.

Williams said she thought she hit a stop sign.

"My son started crying and I said 'Why are you crying?' and then he just kept crying and crying and then I turned around right away and I realized I hit her."

Paramedics airlifted the girl to the hospital where she remains in critical condition. 

"I pray to God every night, I hope she pulls through, I really do, I've apologized to the family I mean it's just a tragedy," she said.

Deputies said they're waiting for toxicology reports to determine what if any charges should be filed.  Williams said she was not under the influence of any substances at the time of the crash.

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