Illegal dump in The Acreage: Code enforcement officers trying to shut it down

THE ACREAGE, Fla. - Code enforcement officers are trying to crack down on illegal dumping sites in The Acreage.

The latest site they found contains yard waste and trash on an abandoned property off Royal Palm Beach Boulevard.   

The property under foreclosure use to be a fresh produce market and nursery, but neighbors say it's turned into an eyesore.

"That is a nuisance for the neighborhood I mean it's been there for the past six months, seven months," Nohely Barrajn said. "It's terrible."

Hundreds of cars pass the site on Royal Palm Beach Boulevard off 46th Street each day.  

Barrajn says they don't see what neighbors like him see.

"I see some truck there," he said. "I don't really see anybody dump, but I don't see anybody cleaning either."

Locks are on the gates, but several neighbors say they've seen landscaping trucks come through the gates within the past couple of weeks and dump yard waste.

NewsChannel 5 brought the site to the attention of Indian Trail Improvement District President Michelle Damone.  

She now believes the site is being used as a dump.

"It's recent, meaning somebody had to unlock these locked gates and allow this to happen so that part is very frightening," Damone said.

Palm Beach County code enforcement is ordering the current property title holder, Stuart Kalb Trustee, to clean up the property.

Their lawyers didn't go to the hearing regarding the dumping, according to code enforcement.

Code enforcers say if the dumping isn't cleaned up by June 1, the owners will be fined $150 each day for each parcel. 

There are four parcels on the property, which equals $600 a day.

"The Acreage needs to send a message out there that we will not be a dumping ground and this is not tolerated," Damone added.

An attorney representing the property owner said the property will be cleaned and expects it to be cleaned before the June 1 deadline.

This is the second illegal dumping site in the past month to be investigated in The Acreage.

You may remember mulch and manure was being dumped at Vila Nursery's property off of Hamlin Boulevard. 

Citations there have been issued.

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