Aneth McCarthy: Cobra bite victim released from hospital

Victim anxious to continue working with snakes

LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. - A worker bitten by a cobra at McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary last week is out of the hospital and back home.

Aneth McCarthy says the bite happened as she was cleaning the snake's cage.

Despite the life-threatening injury, McCarthy said she is looking forward to getting back to work and taking care of the sanctuary's animals, including the venomous snake that bit her.

Just 30 minutes after returning home to the sanctuary, McCarthy was already checking on the snakes, though only through their glass displays.
"I decided to come here to see that snake," McCarthy said.

The venom caused life-threatening symptoms within an hour of being bitten.

McCarthy said she had 10 injections of anti-venom and spent several nights in the hospital dealing with painful swelling, nausea and difficulty breathing.

"(I thought) 'I'm going to die. I'm going to die,' " McCarthy said.

Now she's recovering well, but still has some swelling in her hand where the cobra bit her.

McCarthy said once the swelling in her hand goes down, she'll go back to caring for the snake.

"I still look and him, and I still like him. I'm still going to clean his cage, same routine," McCarthy said.

Her husband, Mark McCarthy, says he has been bitten by snakes nearly a dozen times.

"It's different when it happens to yourself. When it happens to a loved one, it's just a totally different response on my end," he said.

He's thankful Aneth made it through her first bite and they want to make sure it is also her last.

"Just be more careful," Aneth said.

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