Acreage flood victims moving forward with help from anonymous donor

Family gets to make new memories in new home

LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. - An Acreage family that lost just about everything to flooding during Tropical Storm Isaac, is not letting anything dampen their holiday spirits this year. They are getting a fresh start in a new - and dry - home.

Moving day was just in time for Lisa Prewitt and her family. They had been living for months in the acreage - in what was left of their home - with all they could salvage as the floodwaters from the storm rose and receded. There was not much left - not even walls.
The all-volunteer moving crew recently arrived at the Prewitt's new Loxahatchee home. If it looked as though Prewitt did not recognize the furniture in the back of the truck, it was because she had never seen it before. "Wow," said Prewitt. "That's all I can say. Wow."

What was happening was, perhaps, a Christmas wish come true. Employees from Fite, Shavell & Associates, a real estate firm from Palm Beach, said a client - who wishes to remain anonymous - had a house full of furniture, bedding, lighting and so much more to be donated someone who really needed it.

That client chose the Prewitt's after seeing the family's story on WPTV NewsChannel 5. Overwhelmed, the family accepted the once in a lifetime offer. "It's kind of put us back, and given us a fresh start," said Prewitt.
It took three truckloads to get all of that furniture into the Prewitt's new home - too many items fit inside. What are they deciding to do with the rest? "There's another family out here," said Prewitt. "I've got to help because that's the right thing to do. It's not because of the season. It's because of who we are."
Prewitt's daughter, Kellie, 13, wants to thank the donor; whoever it may be. "I thought it was never going to get better but it got way better, because I kept my hopes up," she said.

The family's new memories in their new home were to begin with a Christmas dinner. "It will be filled with lots of cooking, which I haven't been able to do, and lots of love," said Prewitt.

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