House burns at 434 E Road in Loxahatchee

LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. - An overnight fire at 434 E Road in Loxahatchee is under investigation after an early morning blaze at  recently-purchased house.

No one was injured in the fire and crews say no neighboring homes were in danger.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue says there were no people at home at the time of the fire.

NewsChannel 5 has learned a group of investors recently bought the home in a short sale. The investors planned to flip the property. They paid cash and did not have insurance, according to one of the members of the crew.

The group says it lost $400,000, which includes $50,000 and a month of work they had already put into the home. $15,000 in tools was also lost, according to a worker on scene.

Several people called 911 before 2 a.m. after seeing smoke and flames.

Palm Beach County Fire rescue says when crews arrived there was heavy smoke and flames showing through the roof of the two-story, wood-frame home, which had collapsed onto itself. 

The home was about 3,500 square feet, according to fire crews.

Crews did not have access to fire hydrants so they pulled draft out of a canal.  An aerial device was used as part of the "surround and drown" strategy, according to Doug McGlynn with Battalion 2.

Investigators say it's possible the cause of the blaze will be listed as 'undetermined.'


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