A month after Tropical Storm Isaac hit the Indian Trail Improvement District

ACREAGE, Fla. - It's been a month for those who dealt with the effects of Tropical Storm Isaac to reflect on how they responded.

Staff at the South Florida Water Management District say they did everything they could to have a smooth response to the storm.

Randy Smith of SFWMD says, " As far as the regional system is concerned, it worked very well for Isaac. Days before the storm hit we had already taken measures to lower canals and be prepared. So what it taught us is to continue what we're doing because it works."

Members of the Indian Trail Improvement District disagree. Michelle Damone, president of the district, blames high water levels in the J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area for excessive flooding in the western parts of the Acreage.

Damone says, "It was quite evident as you could see water lasting in the western portions of the Acreage longer than the eastern and southern parts of the community."

Crews with SFWMD had to react quickly when waters rose in Corbett. They assembled a flow way to ease pressure off a nearby levee.

But officials with SFWMD say there weren't any breaches to have caused flooding into the Acreage.

Despite the disagreement, Damone of the Indian Trail Improvement District says a new partnership has been formed between the district, SFWMD and Palm Beach County. Going forward, if another storm like this were to hit, they can now work better together.


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