Lovebugs making it difficult to drive

Windshields become coated with the bugs

It's a problem South Florida drivers deal with every year, but some say they are a bigger problem now than last spring.

For drivers there's nothing lovable about lovebugs.

Across town, drivers are being blinded by all the love flying around.

As they drive down the road, their cars and windshields become coated with the bugs trying to make a love connection.

"It looks like somebody sneezed on the front of the car," says Guy Richards. "This is probably the third time I have had to wash my car in two weeks."

Chris Rankin tried to do a quick clean job but didn't get far.

"It's pretty annoying because they get stuck," says Rankin.

But still all the scrubbing and de-greasing just won't do the job.

WPTV sent a company vehicle that was covered in lovebugs through a standard car wash. When it came out the love was there to stay.

"Looks like you have a nose guard on the front just covered with bugs," says Richards.

Manger of Motorcity Car Wash in Boynton Beach, Gilbert Rodriguez, says because of all the extra love this year, he's seeing more people come in.

"It seems like they're a little thicker this here customers saying the same thing," he states.

 "We use a low ph cleaner, high pressure cycle and bug brush."

After a second try with the bug removal, we were bug free.

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