Local family wants help with speeders in their neighborhood after several cars are damaged

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - A family in one local neighborhood said their street might as well be a race track.

Speeding drivers have hit parked cars on several occasions.

Giovanni Fondura is pleading for county traffic officials to step in and help his aunts.

"How many accidents does there need to be for them to actually do something,” said Fondura.

The women had their cars smashed into last night by a driver they said was speeding around the curb on Keenland Circle in Un-incorporated Palm Beach County.

Fondura said, “He came through, straight and then hit my grandmothers sister car, the purple Oldsmobile and kept going.”

This is not the first time someone has treaded through this family's yard, causing damage to the same two vehicles.

The Corolla and the Oldsmobile were also hit last December.  The repair bill that time was $4,500 dollars.

Fondura’s aunt said something like speed humps, is needed to slow the drivers down.

"It seems to me that the curb here at the house, something is missing that it doesn't keep the cars from coming around so fast,” said the grandmother.

But county policy states at least 1,500 vehicles must travel on a street daily to qualify for  speed humps.

A study revealed that only about 700 vehicles drive around this curb.  Only about 3 percent of those drivers, exceed the 30 mph speed limit.

Which leaves the women fearing that the next time, a car could wind up in their house.

“It's going to keep happening. We cannot move from here. But something should be done,” said Fondura’s aunt.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the latest accident.

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