Les Carte: Palm Beach County man rescued from cluttered home may have no place to go

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - His home is so full of clutter, it is almost impossible to move.

Les Carte was cut out of his Palm Springs home April 9th after he fell.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue had to cut a hole in the back of his home to get him out because there was not enough room to get a stretcher inside.

"My house is a cluttered mess. I'm a single guy. But then again like I said..it wasn't so bad. I was perfectly happy with it but apparently it doesn't meet standards for other people's criteria," Carte said from the hospital on Monday.

Carte says he will likely be released Tuesday and will have nowhere to go because his power was shut off pending a series of code violations.

"I don't even know how to describe it in there...it is like a hell pit," Cathy Pahulick said.

Pahulick is Carte's friend. She says they met years ago at a restaurant where she is a server.

"It is scary in here. I can't imagine how he has lived here for the past 35 years," Pahulick said.

Pahulick says she is the only person who has stepped up to help Carte. For the past three days, she has attempted to clean the house. But it is not a one woman job.

"I am so sad to see a man living like this and to be so lonely that he could not ask for help," Pahulick said.

Carte is hoping someone else will volunteer to help him clean his home so he can return.

"Anyone who wants to lend a hand can come down and help get my house cleaned up so I can get back in it as soon as possible,"Carte said.

If you would like to help Carte, email Brian.Entin@wptv.com and your message will be forwarded to him.

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