Leonard Baker, Lisa Marie Antonucci arrested: Cops accuse 2 of being diner deadbeats at Denny's

LAKE WORTH, Fla. -- A dinner at Denny's in Lake Worth was followed by a breakfast at the Palm Beach County Jail for a man and woman.

Leonard Baker and Lisa Marie Antonucci went to the Denny's at 4541 Hypoluxo Road, sat down and ordered meals totaling $34.08, according to an arrest report released by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

After the two finished their meals and were presented with the bill, they were unable to pay, according to the arrest report.

Baker had $8 cash and Antonucci had no money, according to PBSO.

When the manager confronted them about the bill, Antonucci stood and became loud and boisterous causing a disturbance in the restaurant, investigators said.

Deputies said Antonucci threatened the staff and patrons and then solicited the patrons to help them pay the bill.

The Denny's manager called 911 and when PBSO arrived they arrested Antonucci and Baker.

Deputies said Baker had a knife and fork from Denny's in his possession when he was arrested.

Baker was charged with petit theft and Antonucci was charged with petit theft and disorderly conduct.

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