South Florida funeral company offering backyard memorials, bringing loved ones closer to home

Backyard memorials start at $1,900 and up

LANTANA, Fla. -- - Saying goodbye is not always the easiest thing to do for people who have lost a loved one.

Greenacres resident Jay Match is one of the folks who cannot seem to let go of his father Harry Match.

"He could be a lot of fun. But I miss him, I miss him," said Match.

Match lost his dad to throat cancer at the age of 70 in 2000. Since then, he still has yet to have the heart to bury his father and let go.

"I guess it was harder for me to do it to my father. So I guess he's still here and I still talk to him." the Greenacres resident, said.

Funeral directors at Palm Beach Memorial Park started to ponder if there were any other ideas for burial besides a cemetery or scattering ashes.

"We started thinking, 'what if we took the cemetery to them?' " said Brad Pfau of Palm Beach Memorial Park.

Pfau said backyard memorials are long overdue. He said there is an even greater need in South Florida where 70% of burials now involve cremated remains, according to the National Funeral Director's Association.

Pfau said even with the great demand for cremation, he continues to see people struggling with what to do with the urn.

"This kind of met them in the middle. We can give them a good final resting place and you can keep them at home," said Pfau.

Jay Match said he is still undecided about what he will do with this father, but he said he can see how at home memorials could be the future.

"It's right there. Outside your door. A monument is there. It's a daily viewing. But it's an attachment. It's hard. It's hard to let go," said Match.

Palm Beach Memorial Park said backyard memorials start at $1,900 and up.

The structures are moveable in the event someone leaves their current home.

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