Some local Hilton employees say health insurance was cut off

Hotel working with insurance company


Management at a Hilton hotel in West Palm Beach, where workers suddenly lost their health insurance, say Humana did indeed get their payment.

Humana staff previously told the hotel their payment was not received. 

Hilton management says the problem has been fixed and all employees who are eligible do have access to their coverage right now.


Dozens of employees at a West Palm Beach hotel are demanding answers after they found out that their health insurance coverage was cut off - a month ago. Management at the Hilton Palm Beach Airport Hilton is still trying to determined what went wrong.

Somehow, managers say, the insurance company stopped covering some employees a month ago. The issue was not discovered until this week.

Yaneisy Ramirez has worked as a housekeeper at the airport Hilton for a decade and she just got the shock of her career. “That’s my money. That’s my insurance,” she said.

Ramirez said the health insurance that she pays for - more than one hundred dollars per month - was suddenly gone. She was at her doctor’s office for a routine check-up Monday when she the receptionist broke the news.

“When I arrived, they told me they couldn’t see me because they said I had no insurance. I said ‘how can that be?’,” said Ramirez through a Spanish language translator.

Ramirez had not heard about a problem with her Humana health care plan from her employer because management at the Hilton said it did not know there was a problem - until now.

General Manager Manny O’Neil said that Humana contends it never received payment from the hotel last month. But O’Neil says the hotel did pay, as it has always done.

“I don’t understand how the hotel has been taking the money away from my paycheck to pay for the insurance and they don’t know - a month later, they found out through me,” said Ramirez.

The Hilton’s human resources department is vowing to get the bottom of the situation and to help the effected employees.

“That’s a very important benefit and I didn’t know I had lost it,” said Ramirez.

The Hilton said this unexpected issue is impacting about 35 employees. It is still unclear how it happened and who may be responsible. That information could be available in the days ahead.

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