Naomi Breton, mother of three recovering from 2nd & 3rd degree burns

She's determined to get her life back

LANTANA, Fla. - Wrapped in bandages, wincing in pain a Boynton Beach mother cracks a smile. Not the reaction you would expect from a woman attacked with gas and fire.

Her ex-boyfriend Roosevelt Mondesir is the person whom police say yanked her out of a store and lit her on fire.

"All of a sudden he took out the lighter and all I knew was, I was set on fire," said 34-year-old Naomi Breton.

The fear in her voice is now a foundation of hope for her future, for her kids, for herself.

"I feel stronger watching it because I think, 'wow that's me and I actually got through it.'  It could've been a lot worse, I could be dead, but I'm here," says Breton.

Just three days after the horrific attack, she's determined to get her life back. She wants to nurse her wounds, to go to counseling with her kids and return to work.

"Sitting home isn't going to do anything but make me think about it even more. I need to get out there and get back on my feet," she said.

Breton admits her biggest fear is that Mondesir gets out of jail. A judge denied his bond, which for her is a huge relief.

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