Lantana woman set on fire frustrated by judge denying restraining order filed prior to attack

Victim claims order would have prevented attack

LANTANA, Fla. -- - Despite her efforts to protect herself, the Lantana woman who was set on fire on Monday had filed a restraining order against her alleged attacker.

Less than two weeks before her estranged boyfriend Roosevelt Mondesir allegedly assaulted her, Naomie Breton detailed their rocky and sometimes abusive relationship in a petition for a restraining order.

"I need to file this. I need to keep him away from me, so I did," said Breton.

An hour after filing the order, a judge denied the restraining order citing what he termed as a lack of supporting facts.

"I felt let down by the state of Florida and I felt, what do I have to, what am I suppose to do?" said Breton.
Out of choices, Breton said she tried to fix the problem on her own deciding to meet Mondesir that morning at the gas station.

"If I had that restraining order, I wouldn't feel fear or pressure," said Breton.

When a victim of domestic violence files for a restraining order at the Palm Beach County Courthouse only to find their petition is denied, advocates for abuse victims say they should come to places like the YWCA for help and advice.

"Maybe whatever was in that restraining order did not detail the history that existed. That's why we're always trying to reach out to victims," said Mary Cauthen, a YWCA advocate.

Cauthen, a survivor of domestic violence, said the YWCA offers safety and options to victims, like helping women file for an appeal.

One of the biggest hurdles the YWCA said victims face is what needs to be included in a restraining order.

"It can't be something that happened six months ago and you've been back with a person who you were afraid of, that isn't imminent fear," said  Palm Beach County family division Judge Jack Cox.

While Judge Cox did not make the decision in the Breton case, he explained judges can only base their rulings on what is provided by victims.

Cox said on Friday alone, his office received five petitions for a restraining order.

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