Charges filed against Lantana officer accused of targeting and robbing Hispanics

LANTANA, Fla. - Charges were filed Wednesday against a Lantana police officer accused of targeting and robbing Hispanic men.

The officer was arrested back in May, and originally charged with three counts of robbery. Now, the State Attorney has filed more charges against officer Mark Ott.

Information released from the State Attorney's office says Ott "engaged in a pattern of targeting Hispanic males for traffic stops."

During those traffic stops that reportedly took place between last October and May of this year, the officer allegedly stole money from the men.

Amounts varied between $35 dollars and $400 dollars.

Officer Ott was arrested during a sting operation.

The State Attorney's office has now filed criminal charges against the Lantana police officer for 7 counts of evidencing prejudice while committing a robbery.

Ott has already bonded out of jail.

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