Aline Jeancharles: Mom speaks out after dogs bite children

LANTANA, Fla. - A neighborhood party in Lantana turned into a nightmare for Aline Jeancharles after pit bulls attacked her two daughters and her son.

Her seven-year-old daughter Mitalo’s injuries were the worst.

"The dog bite her everywhere. In her face, in her back and toes and feet. Hand, everywhere. So when I look at my daughter, I feel so bad,” she said.
The bites are so severe she’s undergoing skin grafts.
"She said ‘mommy, I have a lot of pain. You think I'm going to be okay?’ I tell her, ’okay. God knows you be okay.’ She was crying,” Jeancharles said.
Investigators say the owner of the pit bulls surrendered the dogs to Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control.
He faces nearly one thousand dollars in code violations.  The dogs will most likely be put down.

"I never think they would do that to kids. But they do that, I don't know why,” Jeancharles said.

Aline says she's not angry with the owner or the dogs -- saying awful things happen. Her focus is on little Mitalo. "I just want my daughter to be okay."

Mitalo’s brother and sister are back home after their encounter with the dogs.