Veterinarian defends shelter co-founded by alleged Lake Worth animal hoarder

Veterinarian claims SAD-SAC risks closure

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - A Palm Beach County veterinarian who knows the Lake Worth woman accused of "animal hoarding" is defending the shelter she helped co-found.

Linda Davis, who helped created Boynton Beach animal shelter "Save a Dog, Save a Cat," (SAD-SAC) is accused of hoarding dozens of cats and leaving them in horrid conditions inside her decaying Lake Worth home.

But days after authorities in hazmat suits raided the home of Davis, Dr. George Zafir, of the Animal Hospital of the Palm Beaches, spoke out in hopes of saving the shelter.

Zafir said it is tragic to see the conditions inside the home of Davis but he said is does not reflect the mission of the shelter. He said "SAD-SAC" has saved thousands of animals since its inception and fear because of the recent case of alleged animal hoarding, the county will lose a shelter it desperately needs.

"They shouldn't be held accountable for one individual even if it was a co-founder because all of the other volunteers and co-founders like myself were astonished and shocked that this occurred," said Zafir.

Zafir said the count needs more shelters, not less and hopes more people who have been impacted by "SAD-SAC" step forward in the defense of the shelter.

PetsMart, who has allowed "SAD-SAC" to use the store to adopt out rescued pets, would not comment on camera but released this statement:

" We were saddened to hear about the situation with the cats taken from the home of a person affiliated with the animal welfare organization, Sad Sac. This adoption partner had worked with our PetSmart store for many years, without incident, helping hundreds of pets find forever homes. We are investigating the current situation and have placed the adoption partner on suspension. Our goal is to work with organizations who ensure the health and wellbeing of pets in their care," PetsMart PR.


Investigators said Davis could be facing animal cruelty charges.

Animal care and control workers are also looking for the unidentified people who allegedly went into the home and took out animals over the weekend and didn't report the deplorable conditions to authorities.

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