Tropical Storm Debby wind, rain causes neighborhood road to be buried in water

SUBURBAN LAKE WORTH, Fla. -- The downpour that coated most of Palm Beach County on Sunday created quite a mess for a few suburban Lake Worth residents.

Some were without power for hours while a few unlucky residents experienced about a foot of flooding.

"(It was like) a Louisiana bayou, other than the alligators and the snakes," said Pat Miller, a nearby resident.

Even though the area saw about 2-to-5 inches of rain, the street of Helen Road near Helena and 10th Avenue experienced 12-to-16 inches of standing water.

"It's not even a hurricane. Imagine if this was non-stop for a couple of days?" said James McCarroll, a nearby resident.

The homeowners in the area said when it rains, most of the water in the neighborhood drains down to their end of the block.

"It's waterfront property temporarily in the rainy season. I always wanted waterfront but not this kind of waterfront," said McCarroll.

There was so much water in some spots of the neighborhood, residents could not get their cars out of the driveway to go out and leave for cleaning supplies.

"It's just frustration that you know, time and time again we try to get this situation rectified and nothing happens," said Miller.

Homeowners in the area said they have tried reaching out to the county for help, but are often told this section of the road is not the responsibility of the county.

Residents said all they can do is wait for the water to go down. If it keeps raining, they worry it will take at least a week for the mess to go away.

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