Thomas Lyons: US airman laid to rest 60 years after his plane went down in Alaska

(WSVN, CNN) A US airman has finally been laid to rest -- 60 years after his plane went down in Alaska.

Thomas Lyons received a burial with full military honors in suburban Lake Worth Friday morning.

The 19-year-old was among 52 people aboard a plane that crashed in a blizzard in Alaska back in 1952 -- during the Korean War.

Military officials searched for the wreckage -- but it was only just spotted by an Alaska National Guard crew in 2012.

"It's a pretty amazing thing for the family.  I wish -- the only downside is my grandparents were passed away prior to them finding the wreckage.  And this was a really huge thing.  My Uncle Tommy was only 19-years-old when the accident happened, when the plane crash happened and my mother was 14.   So this is a really big deal to my mom and to the family.  This was my Uncle Tommy who I never got to know other than pictures because he was gone years before I was born,” said his nephew Bill Evans.

The defense department says it has identified the remains of 16 other service members aboard the plane.

The aircraft was on its way to Alaska's Elmendorf Air Force Base from the McChord Air Force Base in Washington when it went down.