13-year-old arrested in connection with an arson of a Lake Worth house

Other arrests possible

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - Milene Estime ran out of her house Monday to see an abandoned house on South "D" Street on fire.

"We smelled the fire and everybody was running out and the house down the street was burning down."

She captured the images on her cell phone.

Milene said, "It was a lot of flames. The fire was going up nonstop, I thought they weren't going to get it out. The would have burn down to the ground, nothing left of the shed."

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue says they are investigating at least three fires on South "E" and "E" streets. Each are thought to be intentionally set. At least two teens were seen running from the fire. One was arrested and charged with arson on Wednesday.

Tom Fucci, a fire investigator said, "He is a 13-year-old male that apparently in my interview with him admitted that he was smoking marijuana on a regular basis as well as the other kids who are involved in these fires. It seems to be a commonality between them that they all had been skipping school and finding abandoned houses to smoke their marijuana."

Fucci said the fires remain under investigation. "In our interview with the first kid, we found that he had information on the fire that occurred at this location on "E" street and gave us more names of several other kids that may or may not be involved."
Residents like Milene want the fires to stop. "The police are still looking for the other one I hope they find them and you know, and they can stop the fires. These are people's homes."


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