Surveillance footage shows impact of fatal Lake Worth car crash

"At no time did I see brake lights come on"

LAKE WORTH - The woman who drove her car into a Lake Worth auto repair shop is in good condition. A spokesperson at Delray Medical Center says 88-year-old Constance Demarco remains in the hospital tonight.

90-year-old Francisco Demarco was a passenger in her car when she crashed Monday. He died at the hospital.

Tuesday, a witness to the crash is sharing his story and surveillance footage shows the scary moment of impact.

Randy Roach couldn't believe what he was seeing. "Your first thought is what are they doing, why are they doing it?" he explained.

He was pulling out of an alley onto Detroit Street heading back to work in Lake Worth Monday afternoon when the car in front of him sped away uncontrollably and crashed into Superior Automotive. 

"At no time did I see brake lights come on," Roach told us he thinks the driver hit the accelerator instead of the brake.The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office is investigating.

The speeding car clips Paul Vroman, the owner of Superior Automotive. He needed a few stitches in his arm.

Another man was standing feet away from the collision.

Rewind the surveillance footage 20 seconds and both men are standing in the car's future path.

"Both of their lives had just been miraculously saved as far as what I could see," Roach said.

The weight of what he witnessed hit Roach Monday night. Now he's not taking anything for granted.

"It's a wakeup call to cherish everyday and thank the good Lord for what he gives us and just to be ready at all times because you never know what's going to happen," he said.


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