Community in fear after five street signs in Lake Worth neighborhood found riddled with bullet holes

Vandalism or violence?

LAKE WORTH, Fla. -- Ziggy Dudek doesn't like what he sees popping up in his quiet Chestnut Hills neighborhood. Someone is using the street signs for target practice.

"If they use that for a target, I don't want them to use me if I walk my dog," says Dudek.

Five street signs are peppered with bullets, leaving some holes almost baseball sized. Dudek heard the gunfire late Sunday night. 

Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies are investigating; at this point it's vandalism.

"People are out doing things for giggles and kicks and the projectile hits the sign and then could hit someone," says Eric Davis, with PBSO.

Dudek says it's more than vandalism, it's violence. The shooter(s) targeted two signs on the same corner, but not on the same night. Dudek says one has been damaged for weeks, he just noticed the other on Monday.

No suspects have been named, and no word what happened to all the bullets.

Dudek took pictures of the signs to keep a record. He says he usually rides with his dog at night when it's cooler, he says he won't be doing that again anytime soon.

"Not anymore, not after that."

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