Sick cats in hoarder's home may be euthanized; others still inside

Sick cats in hoarder's home may be euthanized

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - Animal Care and Control investigators say there are still cats stuck inside of the Lake Worth home where 25 cats were found Tuesday.

Skeletal remains of cats along with junk  were all found inside a cluttered Lake Worth home.

In white hazmat suits and masks, investigators went and took video of piles of clutter, trash and cages throughout the home off North B Street in Lake Worth.

"All you could see when you walked in was debris," Dianne Sauve of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control said.

Sauve said animals were found hiding under the debris. 

The home was filled with roaches, urine and feces.

"No animal deserves to live in conditions like this," Sauve said.

The pictures released by the animal care and control department show it all.

Some of the most graphic showed feces filled newspapers in cat cages, a trashed kitchen and the lone bathroom in the home filthy.

Living conditions that come with an odor the unidentified  owner and animals must live through.

"We say, 'Does this smell not bother you?' Almost unilaterally people say I don't really smell it," Sauve said.

Animal care and control workers took more than 200 pictures inside the house.

In the most heartbreaking one, you could see the skeletal remains of a cat and behind it another cat hiding under a dresser.

One of 23 sick cats found alive in the home who may have to be put down.

"Euthanasia is certainly a possibility if not a probability especially when we are looking at unsocialized animals and diseased factors combined," Sauve said.

While veternarian's figure out if that will happen, investigators say they know more cats are inside the home.

Soon they'll go back inside the find the cats, which they believe are in the attic.

In the meantime, they're still looking for the homeowner.

In many of the pictures, "SAD SAC" was written on cages, which stands for the Save A Dog, Save A Cat foundation.

NewsChannel 5 has learned the woman who this home belonged to was a founding member of the rescue group.

A fellow founding member said this is not a representation of the group and that she's shocked by what was found in this woman's home.

Animal Care and Control is still searching for the homeowner who they believe is in the hospital.

They're also searching for whoever went into the home to remove other animals inside before Animal Care and Control investigators did.

Now Sauve questions if this is a case of hoarders helping hoarders, which she said she knows happens in her county.

"We get calls sometimes that say someone got tipped off and those 80 cats are in another location and then we go and they've been moved to another location," Sauve said. "It's sometimes like chasing a phantom."

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