Prostitution problem: Lake Worth neighbors say despite recent busts soliciting continues

After thirty years in the fish business, Jim Sheafer watched Friday afternoon as PBSO detectives tossed out the bait, and hooked their catch right in front of his shop on Dixie Highway.

"I told the officers...thank you for the show! I enjoyed watching it,"  Sheafer,  with Neptune's Fish Shop, said.

Sixteen men were arrested mainly for soliciting prostitutes on Dixie Highway in Lake Worth. PBSO called the operation Night Train.

"It is sad. I actually became friends with one of them. I feel sorry for her. She is 19 or 20 and is missing teeth. She's in rough shape," Sheafer said.

Sheafer has seen busts like this before.

"The women do this all day long, drugs in the night, and then wake up in the morning and start all over," Sheafer said.

Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo is meeting with neighboring city mayors...hoping to stop the cycle of prostitutes jumping from city to city.

"The problem is they will make these arrests and then they will be back out on the street the next day," Triolo said.

Triolo says the busts are starting to make a dent in crime.

"We have to keep the pressure on. We want to let people know that Lake Worth is not the place to do something illegal," Triolo said.

Triolo says other busts are already being planned.

She is hoping the busts, along with stricter laws about people squatting in vacant homes, will help with the problem.

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