Pilot killed after plane malfunctions, crashes into John Prince Park

SUBURBAN LAKE WORTH, Fla. - A man was killed on Saturday after investigators said the plane he was flying had some sort of malfunction and crashed into the grounds of John Prince Park in suburban Lake Worth.

Thick, black smoke billowed from the park as the sound of sirens filled the air shortly after 1:30 p.m.

The flames buried deep inside the park were that of a plane crash that took the life of the pilot. The identity of the pilot has not been released.

"It was, it was loud. It was a loud boom," said Robert Ginebra, who witnessed the crash.

Ginebra said he saw it all. He said he was fishing with his kids when he heard a plane up above him sputtering.

"The left prop stopped spinning. The right prop was engaged and kept spinning and kind of made the plane go straight up in the air and then just straight nose dive into complete fireball," said Ginebra.

After investigators got on scene, they determined the pilot was in a small, twin-engine that was flying out of the Lantana Airport. They said the pilot ran into trouble and crashed near Lake Osborne.

"I almost started crying a little bit after, after the plane when down. My daughter is crying and her friend is crying because her dad is a pilot. I got choked up. It's not a pretty sight to see," said Ginebra.

It was a sight Ginebra had to explain to his young daughter. A lesson on life and death Ginebra said his family will not forget.

"I can't see my daughter going on a plane anytime soon because they are," said Ginebra as he paused. "She got choked up so I got choked up."

A Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputy will remain on scene until federal investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) arrive, probably on Monday.

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