Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office deputy meets children he saved from fire

Now trying to help family who lost everything

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - A Palm Beach County mother and her three little boys are out of the hospital and have met the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputy who saved the children when their house caught fire.

Deputy Fidler was on patrol when he saw smoke from a residence on Chickasha Road in Lake Worth. 

According to the sheriff’s office, he entered the house through a window and managed to find the youngsters and bring them to safety.

The deputy not only saved their lives but is now trying to help the family who lost everything in the fire.

The sheriff's office posted photos of the meeting on its Facebook page .

Fidler and other deputies brought clothes and toys for the family.

"I think that he was very nice to take me and my other brothers to safety. I think if he hadn’t had come I would get burned,” said Harley Herisse who was saved by the deputy.

The family is still without a home and most of their belongings.

"That's the best thing that they're going to help. So I appreciate that. Thanks to our deputy. I say thank you for all of them. Thank you. I love everybody, " said the boys' father Eltony Herisse.

Deputy Fidler has turned down media requests for interviews and the sheriff’s office says he doesn’t want any recognition because he says he was just doing his job.