Old foreclosure a new home for single father

One by one, Lake Worth is turning its old, foreclosed and abandoned properties into new homes for families. It's a $23-million project that's changing lives, and changing the face of a community hit hard in the housing crisis.

Kepler Murat, a single father, and his son, Elijah, got the keys to their new home in Lake Worth Friday.

"It's every man's dream one day to own a home and provide a stable home for his family," Murat said.

He's not the only one getting the "American dream". Through a $23-million grant, the Neighborhood Stabilization Project in Lake Worth plans to turn 100 foreclosed and abandoned properties into new, owner-occupied homes for low-income and working class families.

Andy Amoroso, Lake Worth Commissioner, said this is going to have a lasting impact.

"There's a lot of abandoned and foreclosed properties, unfortunately we had a larger amount in the City of Lake Worth, so this is the best things that could happen to Lake worth, to bring back growth and to bring back tax revenue," Amoroso said.

The city teamed up with groups such as Habitat for Humanity, Adopt a Family, and the Community Redevelopment Agency.  Those groups worked with the applicants to build their new homes.

Murat says putting in that hard work has already given him a sense of community.

"It was a very long process, I'll tell you that, it's not easy, but, if you really want it, there's people out there that's trying to help you, you just have to go out there and get it, and put in the work," Murat said.

Murat is the fifth homeowner to received keys to a new home. But there's still a lot of work to be done. 84 homes are in the process of being revitalized.

It's also put people back to work, more than 100 jobs have been created through the grant. To learn more about the project, click here .  http://bit.ly/L5fJ6C

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