Neighbors clean up trashed yard at abandoned house in Lake Worth

This is how residents of the Pineapple Beach Neighborhood Association spent their Saturday morning.

"People around here have been looking at it for ages,” said one association member.

An abandoned house on L Street in Lake Worth has become a dumping ground.

The front yard is filled with hundreds of tires, old appliances and shards of glass.

I'd rather bend over and pick it up then have to look at it,” said Pam Bergsma, association president.

Property records show Bank of America owns the home.

On Friday, cleanup crews who said they were hired by the bank moved all the tires.

However, they only moved them into the inside of the house.

Residents in the area say this is a fire hazard.

"Apparently the bank has decided it's not their problem, so we're doing it for them,” said one association member.

On Saturday, concerned neighbors came with their gloves on ready to rid their neighborhood of the mess.

The City of Lake Worth provided dump trucks and a local tire company discarded the tires free of charge.

After three hours of hard work, the property was unrecognizable.

"These are family homes out here, who wants to open their door on a beautiful morning like this and see a giant pile of trash,” said Bergsma.

The association says this is just one of the sites they plan to clean-up in the coming months.

"We clean it up them up, keep them clean and hope this never happens again,” said Bergsma.

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