More same-sex couples reported during census survey

Numbers may be deceiving

New reports show same-sex partner households nearly tripled in the last 10 years. In Royal Palm Beach, the number of households reporting same-sex relationships increased by 123% during that time.

One family in Lake Worth considers themselves the All-American family.

"We have everything but the picket white fence, " said Jennifer Digilio.

But there is a slight difference: The parents are a same-sex couple.

"We've been together almost 15 years," said Digilio.

While their relationship may not be one that is recognized by certain courts, commitments like Jennifer Digilio and Kandy Russell's have caused certain changes in census bureau reports.

"I think they're willing to report it now. They're not as scared," said Russell.

The increase may not be due to more couples coming out, but because of the chance to be represented. Digilio says in 2000, there was no option for same-sex partners on the census survey.

"I recall filling it out and I don't recall an option at the time for us," she said.

But the 2010 census form gave them that option. The women say while changes are being made to represent the same-sex households, there are still areas where they are not.

"Taxes. We cannot file as a married couple. We don't get any of the tax breaks that come from being a married couple," said Russell.

The census data also showed 27% of female same-sex partners have children under the age of 18, and 14% for male same-sex partners.

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