Man accused of stealing diapers speaks out

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - Thirty-one-year old Chaz Blake says he needed diapers for his two-year-old girl.

"The baby, her grandmother called and said the kid needs some diapers and I said 'we were potty training' and she said, 'I am watching the kid so you know, do you have diapers,' " explained Blake.

Blake says he doesn't have a job or money. He says that led him to get desperate and steal diapers at a Lake Worth Dollar Store.

"It just shocked me, being on Crime Stoppers--shocked," Blake said.

This isn't the first time Blake has landed in jail. He has been arrested about 18 times dating back to 2011 and earlier for possession of drugs, burglary and possession of a firearm. He says because of his prior arrests, he has not been able to get a job.

"The day I get the interview they say you are hired. and then they turn around and tell me the day I am supposed to get the schedule when I come in 'sorry we hate to inform you we take it back, recant the statements,' " said Blake.

The father of two says he's gotten into trouble since he was a teen--  but turning his life around now is difficult.

"If I had changed when I was a juvenile it probably would have been a little bit better. I wouldn't have a long record. People would have swept it under the rug and would have let me keep going from there," said Blake.