Luck is good and bad for Lake Worth man in town visiting family

Man gets saved from drowning, runs from robber

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - John Zensen hoped for an uneventful bus rise home to Iowa Thursday. Instead, he was robbed and held at gunpoint while waiting to transfer buses in Orlando.

"He had it to my neck then he put it to my head and smacked me in the back of the head with it," Zensen said.

For the second time in a week Zensen feared for his life. Just four days ago he struggled to swim to rough waters at Lake Worth Beach. A stranger rescued him. 

"I've been both lucky and unlucky obviously, I mean I'm lucky because I'm still alive after both things, but unlucky to be in the situation in the first place," said Zensen.

Bruised and beaten Zensen went to the hospital again. Orlando police were called to the scene to investigate, but no arrests were made. 

"Honestly I'm just fortunate to survive this. Wrong night, wrong place, wrong time," Zensen said.

Zensen says he's taken the bus from Iowa to South Florida several times and always felt safe. He is on his way home to Iowa now and should arrive Saturday.