High school student scores medical internship in Cambodia

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - John Hanes is a young medical professional who is about to finish his junior year at Lake Worth Community High School.

Rather than spending his summer break relaxing, he will be getting some real-life experience in Cambodia working for an organization called HOPE worldwide .

"This will be a good experience for me and I think it will help a lot more in life that just going to the beach every day," said Hanes.

He leaves for Cambodia on July 18th. The 17-year-old student will work closely with doctors in an intensive care unit observing surgical procedures and helping with patient care.

His exposure to volunteering began at an early age. John's parents took him on his first mission trip at the age of three.

John is already a certified medical assistant and an EKG assistant.

He plans to spend more time helping meet the medical needs of those living in third-world countries.

After high school John hopes to study at New York University or the University of Florida and eventually study medicine at Columbia.

Hanes wants to be an orthopedic surgeon.

John plans to blog about his Cambodia summer experience.

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