Lifeguards use pier jumping technique to save lives

6 people were helped from water this past weekend

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - Lifeguards are pulling out all the stops to keep swimmers safe in Lake Worth.

This past weekend six people were helped out of the water near the Lake Worth pier.

Lifeguard Joshua Magner said, "Just jump from the pier rather than fighting the waves, the currents, the fishing line, the barnacles, the fishing hooks."

It’s all in the name of saving lives.

Lately these guards have seen swimmers walking right past the warning signs and flags.

"They will run right past our signs and flags and jump right there in that rip current," said Lake Worth Beach Lifeguard Captain Richard Allison. 

"We kind of scratch our heads, like 'oh my gosh, these flags ain't for us, they're for you,' " he said.        

Training to jump off the pier is just one way these guards help keep swimmers safe.

Lifeguard Paul Thiemann said, "When the patrons are really far out to where they're already near the end of the pier and that we be needing that.

Because when the red flags go up there's no time to waste.

"If we train, then when we actually use it, it's not new, we're not stumbling around," said lifeguard Kyle Jenkins.

Ready for the rip currents that can make our beautiful beaches deadly.