Lake Worth High School dance team needs help for costumes

Lake Worth, Fla. - The Lake Worth High School dance team is practicing for a big dance show coming up April 9.

Stevenson Faustin is a senior, and the boys captain of the team. "We have a dance showcase coming up, and it's going to be really good. We have so many different routines, we have solo's and it's not all hip hop it's different styles of dance," he says.

The routines are put together by the students, and their sponsor teacher Mrs. Devivo.

With school budgets tight, they need more than just practice to put the show on, they need costumes.

Devivo says, "The problem is, 22 kids, even if you find a tutu that's $10 you times that by 22 and we're already over what we have in our account right now"

They've worked hard raising money putting on car washes all summer, but that money went to buy jackets, and now they are asking the community for help to buy costumes.

Elizabeth Simon is the ladies captain. "We would be so happy and excited because we would be able to have so much uniforms to help us to go through any routine we have in mind, and it would bring us so much happiness."

The dance team is only in its second year, but has big aspirations for the upcoming years.

Devivo says, "The good thing about this is we keep them year after year, so next year when they do another dance showcase or what we're hoping is to become a competition team next year… they'll have the resources to reuse in a different way and all the new kids coming will be able to use it"

Click either of the links below to help the Lake Worth High School dancers get their costumes:   -or-

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