Lake Worth High School band needs new instruments and uniforms

Some instruments are held together with duct tape

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - The Lake Worth High School band is teaming up with local businesses to raise money for new instruments and uniforms.

The band uniforms are more than 20 years old, and some of the instruments have been around for decades and are being held together by duct tape.

Daniel Harvey took over as band director for Lake Worth High School at the beginning of the school year.

Even with the state the band equipment is in, he's got reason to be excited. Harvey started with 14 students in the band, and is expecting 108 next fall.

Despite the challenges the students face, they're still able to succeed. The band received a superior rating; their first in 8 years.

Still, the students say something must be done in order for them to continue their success.

"Our instruments, they fall apart when we go to competitions," said Ted Dorceus, a student.

But their spirits are slowly rising as local businesses like Hall of Fame Barbershop have begun taking donations to help raise money and collect donated instruments.

"Once they see we're supporting them, that gives them the will to do better," said Natalie King, a local business owner.

The total cost for used instruments and uniforms is just over $60,000 dollars.

The band director says they do get money from the district to replace their instruments, but the amount they are given doesn't even make a dent in fixing their problems.

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