Lake Worth family mourning loss of a loved one in a deadly hit and run crash

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - A family is mourning the loss of a mother and questioning what made a man so angry he would drive an SUV into the Lake Worth family.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said Diego Pascual was going 50 mph in an GMC Yukon when he   crossed the 800 block of North "H" Street Sunday and drove into the Andres family.

After the crash, Pascual kept driving, according to investigators. That prompted an all out search for him by PBSO.

Pascual turned himself in Sunday because he felt remorse for what he'd done, a sheriff's report said.

The crash sent five people to the hospital and killed Cristina Andres.

Road rash bruises are on the side of Andres' 3-year-old son Manuel's face and on the side of his 6-year-old sister Carmina's face.

Their 17-year-old sister Ana was also injured in the crash.

10-year-old Maria is the only family member who was crossing the street and managed to get out of the way of the SUV.  

Maria said her sister, knew Pascual was coming at them.

"My big sister said (Pascual) saw us and was trying to kill us," Maria said.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's detectives say Pascual was angry at Ana, after an argument escalated into a fight between Ana's parents and Pascual.

That fight happened over the weekend and led Pascual, who lived with the family a few blocks from where the crash happened, to drink Saturday night.

The next morning, a sheriff's report says Pascual was still angry so he tracked down the family after a Sunday routine trip to the laundry mat and struck them with the GMC Yukon.

The crash killed Cristina Andres and the news of her death has crushed her entire Guatemalan family.

"They cry," Andres brother Andres Jose said. "They know what happened out there.  Everybody has been crying all day."

Andres Jose still questions what investigators say Pascual did.

"Why? It's his family," Andres Jose said. "His father-in-law, his mother-in-law and his girlfriend. Why?"

Pascual's arrest affidavit says Pascual was in a common law marriage with Ana Pedro-Andres.

The report also states Pascual told investigators he wanted to scare and hurt them, but instead drove into the family.

Miguel Pedro Francisco, who is Cristina's husband, is in serious condition at Delray Medical Center after Sunday's incident.

"He talked to me," Andres Jose said about Miguel speaking to him at the hospital. "He cried because he got the idea right now that my sister's died."

It leaves the bruised kids and their siblings without a mother.

In court Pascual was also given an immigration hold.

The hold is what gives local law enforcement the ability to detain undocumented immigrants until immigration officials take them.

Pascual is facing first degree murder charges and five counts of attempted murder.  The judge denied bond.

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