Kevin, Craig Sherin crash update: Dad, baby in stroller recovering after vehicle struck them

State Attorney's Office investigating

LAKE WORTH, Fla. -  It's been a painful process of recovery for Kevin Sherin and his 14-month-old boy Craig.
They were hit crossing the intersection of Nassau and Lake Worth Roads last Thursday.

The Lake Worth father is scared that his baby boy could have lengthy health problems. "My biggest fear is something's going to be long term. I mean he's so young, he's got his whole life ahead of him."

Charges haven't been filed since the wreck and he's frustrated. "What if this happens again, maybe somebody else isn't as lucky as we were," said Sherin.
The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office handed over the investigation to the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office.
Sherin thinks the investigation needs to move faster and the driver, Rein Kori, should face charges.

"I think he should because if you're not paying attention to the road, you really don't need to be driving on the road," said Sherin.
Kori didn't answer when an attempt was made to contact him at his home. He has a few traffic violations including speeding and failure to stop at a red light.
Sherin says he can't work because of injuries from the wreck.
His son Craig has appointments with facial surgeons and neurosurgeons lined up.

Sherin said, "It's still a long road ahead of us but he's alive and that's all that's important."

While medical bills add up, Sherin says he's hired an attorney.

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