Juana Ramirez Lopez: Lake Worth woman arrested in animal cruelty case

A Lake Worth woman is facing cruelty to animals charges after Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control officers say they discovered two malnourished dogs in her care.

The investigation began in October 2013 when investigators received an anonymous complaint regarding several dogs and a ferret in poor living conditions at a home in the 200 block of North E Street.

When officers arrived they met with Juana Ramirez Lopez at her home and advised her of complaints they had received. They observed a ferret in a small cage with food and water in two bowls. The ferret appeared to be in good health.

Officers continued to look around the property and say that they discovered a small tan Chihuahua named PeeWee who appeared lethargic and was infested with fleas.

Officers say PeeWee's ribs, hip bones and spine were protruding and he had open sores on his body and ears.

Officers then found an additional dog named Lola. Lola appeared at a fair weight but they say she was infested with fleas and had open sores across her body. The dogs were transported to a veterinary clinic for treatment of mange, malnourishment, teeth infections and heartworms.

PeeWee was brought back to a healthy weight of 6.6 pounds.

Lopez faces one felony count and one misdemeanor count of animal cruelty.