Katherine Rigby: Hit and run victim's boss raises money for victim's teenage son

LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. - Investigators are still trying to figure out who was driving the SUV that struck a Loxahatchee mother on Father's day.

The crash happened on Tangerine boulevard, just before 120th avenue in Royal Palm Beach.

Katherine Rigby was riding her bike with her son near the shoulder when she was hit.

Since the crash, her boss at The Shaggy Dog pet grooming shop, Anne Rondeau said work hasn't been the same.

"It's been hard because Kathy was a good worker you know she was the backbone really of the shop," Rondeau said.

Kathy started working at the Shaggy Dog pet grooming shop in December.

In June, she was killed after investigators say this Chevy Suburban hit her and drove off.

"I was shocked," she said. "First of all that it happened and second of all that someone would hit her and not stop."

Now Rondeau is surprised investigators haven't figured out who was driving the SUV even though they've found the vehicle that investigators believe hit Rigby.

"(The investigation) seems slow. I don't know understand why they don't know who the driver is," Rondeau said.  "I thought we'd know who the driver is right away."

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says they're going to have to scientifically figure it out.

So far, detectives still haven't pinpointed who was driving that night.

As the investigation continues, the Rondeau contiues to raise money for Kathy's 13-year-old son.

"Kathy was a single mom and her whole life was her son and he's only 13 so he's going to need a lot of help in the future," Rondeau said.

The Shaggy Dog has raised about 400 dollars, but knows Kathy's son could use more.

If you'd like to donate you can go to any Chase bank and donate to the Katherine A. Rigby memorial trust.

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