Frustrations over Lake Worth beachfront projects

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - The Lake Worth Beach Improvement and Casino Building projects were supposed to be built on the same schedule.

City leaders admit, while the Casino Building is almost finished, the improvement project, which includes parking lots, walkways and benches, lost almost a year of construction time due to design and lighting issues.

Some aren't happy with the progress.

Kristin Zatto's of Lake Worth said, "I just try to come up to the top of the beach because it's kind of confusing where to park."

Wendy Kahan-Winters of Lake Worth feels the frustration as well.

"Every time I come down I'm not quite sure where the parking lot is going to be this time and it just makes me crazy, it does," said Kahan-Winters.

As construction crews make up lost time, Benny's on the Beach owner Peter Thanopoulos says sales are down 30 percent. 

He's in favor of the projects, that are still expected to be finished by the end of February.

"We needed all this beautiful stuff up here. It's going to be one of the nicest places to go," said Thanopoulos.

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