Forgotten Soldiers Outreach needs $7,000 for postage to mail 120 care packages to soldiers overseas

In a humble Lake Worth storehouse on the corner of 23rd Avenue and 7th, rows of plastic bins filled with carefully sorted items are just sitting there, waiting to be packed up and shipped out.

Lynelle Chauncey Zelnar of Forgotten Soldiers Outreach wants to send these little pieces of home to the servicemen and women for whom they're intended.

"It's very critical. Our men and women need our support," says Zelnar.

But there's something standing in the way.

There are 120 boxes filled with goods and products for soldiers overseas. The only problem is there's no money to mail them.

Janelle Avalone says the already-packed boxes will cost $7,000 to ship.

"They need our help and they need our support," she says.

It's a need Avalone understands first-hand.

Her son is an active member of the Airforce.

"We hear it's like Christmas every time they receive a package," avalone says.

But without the money, these little boxes will continue to sit in a big room, sealed without a home or way to get them to the people who need them most. 

Zelnar says, "It gets me upset because we work so hard with all of the volunteers... blood sweat and tears trying to help. And it just breaks my heart to see packages still sitting and we can't get them to the men and women who really need them."

If you'd like to help you can reach Forgotten Soldiers Outreach at 561-369-2933 or online at .